Tubal Ligation Reversal (Tubal Reversal)

Why would someone need tubal reversal?

Tubal reversal procedure will reunite tubes which helps women getting pregnant. It is an emotional journey to be a parent and we will be there for you. Tubal ligation reversal is a delicate procedure and should only be performed in the best clinical environment and by an expert doctor. Although most women believe that tubal ligation is a permanent, irreversible sterilization method, in most cases tubal sterilization can be reversed through tubal microsurgery.

What is Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that prevents pregnancy by blocking the fallopian tubes. To get pregnant, sperm must travel through the fallopian tube to meet the egg that has been released by the ovary. If the tube is blocked, sperm and egg can't meet and fertilization can't occur, preventing pregnancy.

Surgical Tubal Reversal, Microsurgery

Tubal microsurgery, or microsurgical tubal reanastamosis, is a procedure done under microscopic instrumentation to open and reconnect the fallopian tube segments that remain after a tubal sterilization procedure. In this procedure, a small incision is made just above the pubic bone. The fallopian tubes are brought into the incision, and damaged or scarred portions of the fallopian tubes are removed. Using suture that is too fine to be seen by the naked eye, the healthy segments of the fallopian tube are stitched back together under the microscope. At the completion of the operation, dye is injected through the uterus out of the fallopian tubes to determine patency. Patency rates are greater than 80% in most instances.

Local anesthesia is applied to the skin, muscles, and connective tissues to reduce pain. These steps minimize tissue injury, bleeding, post-operative pain, and result in rapid patient recovery after the tubal ligation reversal. Most patients return to their hotel or home within 2 hours after their surgery and can usually resume normal activity after a few days. Hence tubal ligation reversal is an outpatient surgery and must be operated by an expert.

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Alternatives to tubal ligation reversal

At times, tubal ligation may have been done in a fashion such that tubal reversal may be impossible. For example, the whole tube might have been removed on both sides in a procedure called salpingectomy. In these circumstances In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may be the alternative to tubal reversal. IVF is the process where, after inducing the follicles to grow, eggs are removed from the ovaries using ultrasound, and they are mixed in the laboratory with the sperm from the partner of the person who desires to get pregnant. Fertilized eggs (embryos) are then transferred to the uterine cavity to achieve pregnancy, bypassing the fallopian tubes. In circumstances where tubal ligation reversal is impossible or not desired, then IVF is an acceptable fertility treatment procedure.

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